Vizio D40 D1 D-Series 40 inch TV Review

Vizio D40 D1 D-Series 40 inch TV Review

Vizio D40 D1 D-Series 40 inch TV ReviewThis is a Smart TV with incredible picture quality and amazing great value. It features a new modern design. It is one of the brightest TVs in the market.

The TV distributes LEDs behind the screen delivering uniform superior light and great picture performance. It has also built-in Wi-Fi for easy access to vizio easy app plus.

With 60Hz effective refresh rate, motion clarity is ensured and has very powerful image processing. Made with high definition with crystal clear pictures with 1080p HD resolution.

It comes with its stand for support. This is a TV with HDMI ports for easier connectivity to music, pictures and movies from other devices connected to the TV. The RGB input can make the TV a great monitor for your computer.

Mounting the TV on the wall is very easy, you will only mount it through the VESA mount and it is very light thus very portable. It has also a great value for your money.

Vizio D40 D1 D-Series 40 inch TV Review/ 5 Major Features

1. Picture perfect brilliance

The Vizio gives a high definition picture quality with its innovative features that ensures quality and clarity. For it to achieve beautiful picture, it has;

Full-Array LED: it ensures distribution of LEDs behind the screen so that it can give superior light uniformity and achieve high picture performance

1080p full HD: it gives over two million pixels that combine on the screen to form 1080p full HD. This creates crystal clear details and high level of radiance that is incredible.

The Vizio D series gives a brilliant picture quality and an amazing experience for your entertainment.

2. Vizio Internet App Plus

The Vizio D40 D1 D series enables the user to access popular apps for entertainment. The Vizio internet apps plus has apps such as the Netflix for easy movie entertainment, Xumo, Iheart radio, Vudu, Hulu, sportify, Pandora, facebook and more.

These apps opens up access to music, movies, sports, fashion news, facebook friends and many other entertainments from your home app. Entertainments from sites like facebook will open to a larger viewing screen that brings an amazing experience with enhanced size of pictures.

Iheart radio opens your world of music to another level as it gives you music from your favorite artists and many more apps for sports fanatics and many more.

3. More connectivity

Vizio D series model has a built-in high speed Wi-Fi to connect to favorite apps, movies, music streaming TV and more.

The Vizio D series gives you more connectivity with entertainment devices. It has high speed HDMI and USB ports that will connect to your entertainment devices.

The in-built Wi-Fi gives you connectivity to YouTube which increases the range of entertainment with music, YouTube and video channels.

6The WI-FI  also helps in accessing the Vizio D series apps. The Wi-Fi connectivity has real changed the  world of watching. The user can now watch many things with the Vizio D series.

4. DTS Studio Sound

This TV is made with advanced features that include DTS Studio sound. This feature enables advanced sound. This is the system that is expertly developed to enhance sound production mechanism of the TV.

The series produce a virtual sound audio that hits our ears with clarity and softness.. The sound system of Vizio D40-D1 D series TV is clear and good. It screen has two 8 watts speakers that facilitates the better sound.

The DTs studio sound feature clears the sound. It gives it an amazing surround when watching movies or listening to music.

This feature mechanism also offers an impressive audio experience for soundtracks and ensures vocals and words can be heard clearly.

The DTs in the screen enables you to increase the volume  get a higher and clear volume on your Vizio TV set.

5. Second screen experience

Made with second screen experience. It therefore means that you can easily link your tablet or your phone to your TV and it can play or display the content on the television.

With this feature, the user can therefore enjoy multi screen viewing with a second screen on mobile apps, Netflix, YouTube or even view your pictures on a bigger screen with high quality.

This screen enables the user to multi task more across multiple screens thanks to Vizio second screen experience feature. This enables one to do a lot and different things across the screens. This mechanism adds a touch to the experience you get from entertainment and it has clearly enabled easy multi-tasking.


Why should you use Vizio d40 d1 d40-d1 d-series 40 inch?

1. Resolution

The Vizio D40 D1 D-Series 40 inch has a great resolution and it is highly recommended for use  both domestic and commercial.

The edge-lit LED backlighting extremely allows the panel to be thin. This allows clear picture and uniform display. Motion blur is highly reduced because of the faster frame rate of 240 Hz hence producing the best resolution ever.

2. Internet Enabled

Vizio D40 D1 D-Series 40 inch is internet enabled making it easy to access content from the internet easily. Content is streamed live through the internet jack from the connection of your home network.

It is also Wi-Fi enabled hence you can connect it to your home network wireless. You can also view digital photos stored on the phone, compatible computer or any other mobile device.

3. User friendly

Another reason why you should use this TV is because of the user friendly features. It has two HDMI inputs and one component video input. It has also the USB port which can be used to play music and watch videos easily. It is not hard to operate hence easy for anybody to use it.

4. Second screen experience

You should use this TV because of its second screen experience; you can browse content in your phone like pictures, videos and music and then watch it through the Vizio D40 D1 D-Series 40 inch TV. It gives a great experience. You can enjoy true multi-screen watching comfortably.

5. Perfect picture brilliance

The Vizio D40 D1 D-Series 40 inch delivers highly great quality pictures. The pictures have clarity and stunning quality. Full array LED distributes LEDs behind the screen and delivers uniform light distribution giving out great picture performance and quality. This gives out a good reason as to why you use this kind of TV in your home or business.

Product Benefits

  • The display area is quite big taking around 90% of the screen.
  • Great dynamic contrast giving out best pictures
  • Supports the internet
  • It is cheap compared to its class of other units
  • It is portable hence can be carried to anywhere cheaply
  • User friendly
  • Great sound production
  • Simple and easy to use remote
  • Easy, beautiful and removable stand
  • It is smart enabled

The Negative Things

  • Angle view gives out blurred pictures.
  • It is slow when opening multiple apps compared to other units of the same
  • Some picture settings sometimes doesn’t work or give out very dark pictures like the vivid setting.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can this TV be mounted on the wall?

Yes you can mount it with easiness

  1. is the TV Wi-Fi compatible?

Yes it has wide range of Wi-Fi capabilities

  1. Can the TV allow internet search and downloads?

No it does not allow.

  1. Does the TV have analog video output?

No it doesn’t have the analog video output.

  1. Can you carry it easily?

Yes the TV is portable and very light to carry it to anywhere.

Final verdict

The Vizio D40 D1 D series 40 Inch has great features that has made it adorable among many users. The design and its smart mechanisms makes it stand out among the other TVs of the same type.

It is not expensive hence will not require much strain on buying one for your home. It is readily available and can be purchased from any outlets that are selling this type of televisions. Once in the house or in business, it never disappoints hence having it is more of a great asset.


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