TCL 43S517 43 Inch 4K Ultra Roku Smart LED TV Review

TCL 43S517 43 Inch 4K Ultra Roku Smart LED TV Review

TCL 43S517 43 Inch 4K Ultra Roku Smart LED TV ReviewThis is a 43 inch 4k TV that is fully packed with a lot of features, very good and sweet bargaining price and excellent performance. It gives out great value in the smart TV world.

On the package there are great premium features like the Dolby Atmos sound, Dolby vision and an excellent type of version TV. It has a better look which makes it attractive unlike the other lower priced TVs.

The panel housing measures 0.38 inch thick and the display cabinet is thin. The lighter and smaller size makes it the best choice for smaller homes or apartments. It accommodates 200mm by 200mm VESA mount.

It delivers all the ultra HD as well as HDR support. Details of the contents are brought out easily by its clear and  crispy resolution.

Offers great color accuracy, good and excellent color reproduction. The settings and feature menus are very simple compared to other smart TVs in the market.

TCL 43S517 43 Inch 4K Ultra Roku Smart LED TV Review 

1. Dolby Vision HDR

The Dolby vision high dynamic range offers a superior and amazing contrast and accurate, brighter colors. The Dolby vision HDR has without no doubt made a stellar imaging experience and give super high quality pictures in the TCL 43S517 4k ultra HD Ruku TV.

4k resolution delivers an amazing and stunning picture detail and giving a visual experience that is remarkable.

The HDR dynamic contrast technology works in a way that information in Dolby vision count is accurately optimized in each scene in order to give a detail and high picture with accurate brightness.

The advanced technology in HDR ensures striking contrast for darker blacks and brighter whites. The Dolby vision HDR is the key for the perfect high quality pictures in the TCL 43S517ultra 4k TV.

2. TCL NBP Photon Technology

The NBP (Non Band Phosphor) photon technology in the TCL 43S517 is n innovative that sees a combination of precision phosphors and high output LEDs. This delivers a color standard that is found in profession of equipment used in Hollywood content creators.

The main work of NBP photon technology is to produce vibrant colors that will recreate Hollywood directors’ vision of vibrancy in your own room.

NBP photon technology maximizes coverage of Hollywood color reference standard to give the best picture with the best color and accurate images for an amazing watching experience that is closer to the reality.

3. HDR Pro Gamma Technology

This feature ensures that it creates a decent environment custom tone map that precisely reproduces details so that they can be easily visible in any room with any lighting condition.

It ensures high HDR performance in many viewing environment such as bright living rooms to dark home theatres.

The TCL 43S517 HDR pro Gamma feature enhances every detail and ensures that it is captured and is perfectly visible in HDR entertainment content.

The HDR settings are in three categories i.e. HDR dark for dark home theatres, HDR normal for moderately bright rooms and HDR bright for the brightest sunlit spaces.

4. Roku TV Smart Platform

The Roku TV smart platform feature found in the TCL 43S517 43 inch TV provide access to multiple movies over 500,000 and many TV shows using a simple intuitive interface.

This feature gives you ability to choose from thousands of music, streaming channels, live sports channels, kids and family, fitness science and technology, foreign languages, food and many more.

The interface is simple to use because you don’t need to flip through complicated menus.

From the comfort of your living room you can access so much entertainment with this feature. Those who love sports, there are amazing sports channels that come with the Roku TV smart platform feature.

5. Enhanced Remote with Voice Control

No more fighting with buttons that do not respond, Roku TV has an enhanced remote with voice control. The remote is easy to use and with its in-built headphone jack you can privately listen to anything you want to watch.

The remote enables you to search anything using your voice. You need to speak and the command will be carried on. No more looking for missing remote because the enhanced remote from Roku enables you to locate your remote finder button that is on the TV.

The smart remote has few buttons hence making navigation and use very easy. The voice search feature enables you to search through a wide selection of channels.


Why should you use TCL 43S517 43 Inch 4K Ultra Roku Smart LED TV?

1. Design

The TCL 43S517 43 Inch 4K Ultra Roku Smart LED TV has topped in its class of TVs with its good looking design with a narrow 0.35 inch bezels that are around the display.

The display cabinet is also thin, only the portion housing the components is thicker at the base at around 2.9 inches. It consists of a rear panel that is metal to many TVs which has a rear panel that is plastic.

2. Ports

It has a collection of ports that sit at the back of the television. You get three HDMI ports, and one of them is arch support, also you get RF connector, USB port, Digital optical port, audio output and an enternet. All this ports is an advantage to the user

3. Performance

The smart LED TV has a 4k resolution. It also delivers an ultra HD pictures. Its HDR adds to clarity to the pictures that it displays color quality, its sharpness and brightness brings a great viewing experience.

4. Audio

It brings out good sound in dialogue and makes it to understand because it brings out soundtracks of movies clear and strong.

Even when you are listening to music you can hear vocals very clearly. It supports Dolby Atmos which gives better audio for a richer experience with sound.

5. Smart Features

This Smart LED TV has an improved interface that is easy to navigate and offers apps and services for streaming live. It provides a wide range of app selection and it supports services like Hulu and Netflix.

Product Benefits

  • Affordable and offers great quality
  • Slick design that is attractive
  • It produces a great color reproduction and also accuracy
  • Supports Dolby Vision that enhances the quality of pictures giving a good watching experience
  • Supports Dolby Atmos that gives better sound
  • Able to deliver better than average experience for Roku
  • Supports services such as Hulu and Netflix and many others
  • Gives excellent viewing angles due to its well designed panel
  • It has a good stand that is strong and does not take up much space
  • Gives a wide range of outputs

The Negative Things

  • It has an inconsistent backlight
  • The speakers though clear, does not have bass
  • The ports are a bit limited compared to other TVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I mount TCL 43S517 43 Inch 4K Ultra Roku Smart LED TV to the wall?

Yes you can

  1. Can the TV connect headphones using Bluetooth?

It does not but you can plug headphone jack for private listening. You can also download Roku app to your phone for private listening.

  1. Does it have Hdcp 2.2 ports?

Yes it does. All its three HDMI are 2.0 with Hdcp 2.2

  1. Does it support HDR 10 for gaming console?

Yes the TV supports HDR 10 and also Dolby Vision

  1. What is distance between its stands?

The distance between the stands is 27.3 inches.

Final Verdict

This is the smart TV that has grown in popularity because of its excellent performance. Comparing with other TVs it has excellent features that makes it stand out among the best.

Majority of users recommend this smart screen for those individuals who want to buy a screen TV set. It has great design with great features that brings out all the content to full satisfaction. Money spent on this TV can never be wasted because of the value it can offer when in use.


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