TCL 40S325 40 inch 1080p smart LED Roku TV Review

TCL 40S325 40 inch 1080p smart LED Roku TV Review

TCL 40S325 40 inch 1080p smart LED Roku TV ReviewThis is the TV offered by TCL manufacturers using the Roku TV Smart Platform as its interface.  All the content is delivered and accessed through a simple interface in a modern and sleek design.

The TV has dual band Wi-Fi that makes it faster and easy to access the content in full HD. The three HDMI inputs are used to connect all your favorite devices while the in-built TV tuner allows you access many free to air HD content.

It comes with 1080p HD resolution for a crispy and quality picture. This TV is not very expensive compared to many other TV of the same category. It is very attractive and has a very powerful mobile app.

This makes it have ability to browse and add new channels from a variety available in the internet. It comes with a very easy to use remote of 20 buttons which can be used comfortably to navigate and a beautiful stand that supports it.

TCL 40S325 40 inch 1080p smart LED Roku TV Review/ 5 Major Features

1. Full HD (1080p) Resolution

TCL 40S325 40 Inch 1080p smart TV offers a high definition display. With 1080p resolution it has 1920 pixels that are displayed across the screen and 1080 pixels displayed vertically down the screen.

Its full HD can display good pictures in dark rooms or brighter rooms because it has good contrast and good color that make good pictures.

You can enjoy watching movies or any other things because the pictures are large and offer good quality.

The TCL 40S325 1080p high quality pictures make it favorable in bank halls, small businesses or even in bedrooms. It fits well in the bedrooms and it can offer high quality for whatever one can watch.

2. Simple intuitive interface

The TCL 40S325 smart TV has a very user friendly interface. It is simple in nature and gives the user easy access to variety of streaming channels and movies that run to thousands.

It also gives access to gaming consoles, cable TV and other devices. The smart TV enables easy menu control and easy to use remote.

The remote is a Roku TV remote with only twenty buttons for easy navigation. With half of the buttons being the normal tradition buttons hence no one can struggle to find buttons that you need.

3. Powerful mobile App

TCL 40S325 has a feature that turns your tablet or smart phone into a streaming companion. With the mobile app you can be able to use your phone as remote, share videos that are your own.

You can also plug in headphones and listen to whatever program privately at the comfort of your phone. The mobile app also gives you ability to share music, photos, and videos to your TV.

The user can still search using the voice or keyboard using the phone through the TCL 40S325 mobile app feature.

Using the mobile app feature you can also cast videos and movies to your TV with the use of Netflix or YouTube on your phone.

4. Dual Band WIFI

This TV has a very fast in-built Wi-Fi. This gives you access to over 150,000 streaming TV episodes and movies.

There are thousands of streaming channels that cover your favorites from sports, movies, news, kids and family, music, food, foreign language, science and technology, fitness and many more.

All these are made possible with the fast in-built Wi-Fi that gives you ability to stream. It has Ethernet that you can connect to your network for also streaming and watching your favorite channels.

The dual band Wi-Fi has lifted the TCL 40S325 and it gives an amazing entertainment experience.

5. Works with Google and Alexa Assistant

Google Assistant is powerful software you speak to when you use a Google speaker. It assists through the use of your voice.

On the other hand Alexa is the technology made by Amazon equivalent to Google assistant but in this you use the Amazon echo speaker or a fire remote control of your TV.

TCL 40S325 smart TV has both technology which helps you with giving a command. They help update you on your shows, change channels as you wish or help search when you have a wide search list.

It is a good technology that lights your work while you relax and follow your favorites on your TCL Roku smart TV.


Why should you use TCL40S325 40 inch 1080p smart LED Roku TV?

1. Stunning pictures

It has high definition resolution which at all times offers enhanced clarity and detailed information for all your content.

Also the TV has a very simple intuitive interface which gives access to as much content as possible. The great resolution of the pictures makes it entertaining all through.

2. Great Endless Entertainment

Like many apps in the smart phones, all the content is at your fingertips immediately you turn this TV on. There is no wading all through confusing and complicated menus, and there is no flipping through the inputs.

There are many channels that stream with live news, sports and movies. All the family is catered for all are in one ranging from kids entertainment, food, tech news, foreign languages and many more.

3. Powerful App

This is turning your smart phone or tablet into a great companion of all time. It can be used as a remote by plugging in headphones for all your private listening.

You can at the same time search with your voice and the keyboard. Easy to share your own music, photos and videos to your TV with you tube and Netflix mobile apps.

4. Easy to Use Remote

The 20 buttoned simple Roku remote is very super and makes it easier to navigate through in search of whatever you are looking for and the buttons are very simple and easily touchable.

The buttons are similar like the traditional TV remote and hence they are easy to understand and use correctly.

5. Antenna, Cable and Streaming Friendly

The TCL Roku TV makes it very easy to watch everything that you need to watch, whether you have satellite subscription, pay for the cable or you may use the in-built tuner to watch and enjoy all free to air channels.

Product Benefits

  • Good dimensions for clear visibility.
  • Smart functionality to deliver all your required content with minimum struggle.
  • High quality HD resolution with a crisp picture.
  • Great picture quality produced by the Direct-lit LED.
  • Comes with 60 day free tech support from the date of delivery.
  • It is portable and not heavy enough in case of any movement.
  • It is cheap and affordable at least many of the middle class level can have it.
  • Streams a wide variety of contents compared to the traditional ones
  • It is user friendly because it can use the internet, antenna and cable.
  • It is very fast and easy to operate.

The Negative Things

  • Constant crashes. When turned it reboots after a few hours.
  • Only WIFI and not Ethernet hence not ideal Ethernet connection users
  • Has dark scene detail issues but very excellent for bright scenes.
FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you adjust video functions like brightness since the remote doesn’t have the menu button?

The option menu can be accessed from the TV by pressing the asterisk (*) on your remote.

  1. Does it come with Netflix?

It comes with a number of them and others can be programmed easily. You must subscribe to use them.

  1. Can it be used with wall mount bracket?

Yes it can be used absolutely.

  1. Are there parental controls for this TV?

Yes there are parental controls which can be applied.

  1. What size of screws when mounting?

The M4 screws are the best for mounting

Final Verdict

TCL40S325 40 inch 1080p smart LED Roku TV is the most modernized TV with a very easy setup at first instance or on purchase day. It is not complicated as such and anyone can operate and use it without any hustle.

Since the customer support is quite okay and they are always available to assist either through phone or in person, this gives a lot of confidence on the users.

Its quality is a thriller and no regret whatsoever in purchasing this LED TV for domestic or commercial use. I highly recommend it to any individual who want to buy a screen TV.


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