Sony KD43X 720 43 Inch 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV Review

Sony KD43X 720 43 Inch 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV Review

The Sony Smart LED TV is a decent 4k TV that has a viewing angle that is better than average and a very low input lag to help in gaming. It offers limited apps and services for use at your home.

It has upgraded its picture quality and it is good to view in bright rooms thanks to its new technology. The television is the best among its class and it has been able to give good picture and a high resolution at a relatively affordable prices.

It looks good when viewed even from different sides. This is the TV with high resolution of 2160p (4K). It has the smart features that allow you to get access to your favorite apps and content.

The TV has 60Hz motion flow and refresh rate that gives room for fast moving scenes to be seen with no motion blur.

Sony KD43X 720 43 Inch 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV Review/ 5 Major Features

1. 4K HDR with x Reality Pro

It has a 4k ultra HD resolution with a high dynamic range (HDR). This feature delivers a high exceptional detail, contrast and color with the best amounts of brightness than any other TV video formats.

The TV is able to give you the most finest details that you can get with high quality pictures that are enabled by the 4k HDR and ultra LED resolution. Within the X reality pro, every pixel is enhanced amazingly within the 4k processing technology.

It addresses in detail the contrast, color, texture and edges to give the highest clarity in whatever you are watching. This technology in the Sony KD43 X720E has enabled best picture and clarity for the best experience while watching.

2. DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) and S-Force front surround

Digital sound enhancement engine in the Sony KD43 X720E restores the lost frequency components in the compressed audio to give a natural sound that has a spacious feel. This will make low resolution internet video that is compressed to give great sound.

S-Force front surround is a feature that naturally emulates three dimensional fields of sound to give a sound wave spectrum that is great. You get to enjoy proper sound that is rich and pulls you into its sound stage. Clear Audio + is a feature that also fine tunes the TV sound for the best sound with greater clarity when you are watching.

3. Screen mirroring

The screen mirroring feature enables you to enjoy the contents of your smart phone and apps on the TV. It enlarges the size of your smart phone hence giving a better view on the TV.

Sony KD43 X720E also makes a good computer monitor. Not only your phone but you can use the TV as a monitor due to its 4:4:4 color support and its ability to deal with motion blur.

The TV has high processing power to take in your computer with short input lag that ensures a signal is generated and displayed by a click of a button. The screen mirroring is making your work easy to be displayed from your phone and computer.

4. Motion flow XR

The motion flow XR feature enables the Sony KD43 X720E to give smooth, good and sharp detailed pictures even when moving sequence is fast. The technology inserts and creates extra frames in between the original frames.

It makes comparison of key visual factors on continuous frames, and in a split of a second calculates its missing action in the sequence. This will give you the perfect picture when watching changing pictures that happen fast.

It eliminates the blur effect that may come with fast moving sequences. Through this feature the Sony KD43 X720E is able to be more clear and deliver a better watching experience for anyone using it.

5. In-built Wi-Fi

The Sony KD43 X720E enables great entertainment with its in-built Wi-Fi. It easily makes you to link up with your home network. This makes it easier to go online and browse movies from Netflix and also enjoy videos from YouTube.

The in-built Wi-Fi enables you to stream entertainment, videos, and music and access services like online demand TV.

This feature brings entertainment to the next level, in that with your TV, you can access almost all the entertainment you will need from music, documentaries to movies and sports just from one outlet, the Sony KD43 X720E.

With the availability of the Wi-Fi, the internet is there throughout which enables content access without any interruption.


Why should you use Sony KD43X 720 43 inch 4k ultra HD Smart LED TV?

1. Attractive Design

This TV series has an iconic central stand that supports the TV nicely. Though the stand is quite similar with other Sony TVs. The back is well defined and easy to access the inputs even when the TV is wall mounted.

It has thin borders that gives it a good look and are black plastic. It has a thick base of 2.76 inches which may bulge a bit when wall mounted. Overall its design is attractive.

2. High picture quality

It gives a brilliant clarity with its 4k picture quality. Its IPS gives a good viewing angle and the HDR adds on the quality of the TV. It has a good SDR peak brightness also which gives better view in bright rooms.

3. Inputs

This Sony screen amazingly display almost every content when it is put in correct mode; that includes HDR content. It has low input lag that is excellent display for even competitive gamers

4. Smart Features

The TV has a custom Sony interface that uses opera TV app store. Its smart os is simple to use but does have many functions that any user expects to find on a smart TV. It has services such as YouTube, Netflix and Amazon video that are in-built.

5. Cost effective

The Sony smart TV has a relatively affordable price. It provides a good picture quality and services for your use. Not forgetting Wi-Fi option that it has.

It is a television that does a lot of functions at an affordable price. This is one of the reason why one should use the KD43X720E. It is efficient and of high quality but at an affordable price.

Product Benefits

  • Can make an excellent computer monitor because of its full 4:4:4 color support and its short input lag.
  • The TV has excellent viewing angles due to its IPS panel
  • The stand of the smart TV is good and does not take too much space
  • Its small panel size makes it suitable for upfront viewing
  • It does not suffer image retention problems
  • Has well-rounded inputs
  • Its main Os is ads free and does not support any sponsored content or advertisements
  • Awesome in bright rooms
  • Excellent for console gaming and compatible to latest consoles
  • It does a fantastic job for upscaling content.

The Negative Things

  • In-built speakers do not give quality sound especially its bass sound is very unclear.
  • It has a non-intuitive smart Os that is confusing to use
  • It requires a bulky external power brick

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does the Sony KD43X 720 43 inch 4k ultra HD Smart LED TV weigh?

Only 20.5 lb (9.3kg)

  1. Among its included apps, is Amazon one of it?

Yes, the TV has Amazon video as an included app

  1. Can someone search the web or download the apps in the TV?


  1. Can the Sony KD43X 720 43 inch 4k ultra HD Smart LED TV be mounted on the wall?

Yes it can, and the hole pattern for the wall mount is 100 X 200mm

  1. Does the TV have Wi-Fi capabilities or is it Wi-Fi compatible?

yes it is Wi-Fi compatible and has a wide range of Wi-Fi capabilities.

Final Verdict

The performance of this smart TV’s has greatly made it popular among many users in the market. The great audio sound that the TV releases has made it ideal for any use in the home or commercial use.

It gives the best value of your resources and money spent on it. The clarity of the sound is awesome and for those who don’t like noise, it is the best because it gives out sound that is not noisy.

It is highly recommended to go for this TV if you want the best among the many that are available in the market place.


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