Samsung UN40NU7100FXZA TV Review

Samsung UN40NU7100FXZA TV Review

Samsung UN40NU7100FXZA TV ReviewThe Samsung Smart TV is a very nice and decent TV with native contrast ratio that has decent picture quality. This is a nice TV even though it lacks features to improve the dark room performance like local dimming.

Its input lag is extremely low which is very okay for gamer although some blur is witnessed on some very fast moving objects.

The image loses accuracy when viewed from an angle hence it is advisable to view it from front. This TV works excellent for dark room viewing. This is because it isn’t good for overcoming glare.

This TV has very good assorted apps which are available for streaming live. It is very good for mixed usage. Comes in different colors but black is commonly used because it is more decent compared to other colors.

It comes with a stand that supports it well and it’s wide enough to accommodate any surface. Also it has limited HDR capabilities.

Samsung UN40NU7100FXZA TV Review/ 5 Major Features

1. Your smart things Hub

This feature helps you to sync your TV with your smart phone and other devices to access content on the screen. The smart things app connects compatible appliances and smart devices to your TV.

You can connect your refrigerator, change room temperature, connect your phone, and see the person on your door and many more other things you get to do all there while seated comfortably on your couch.

When you download the smart things app on your mobile you get to monitor and control your connected devices and the TV in one screen.

Once you download the app your phone automatically shares with your TV whenever you turn your TV on. On the same you can share apps from your phone to the TVs smart hub and you get logged in always.

2. 4k Ultra HD with HDR

The Samsung UN40Nu7100 FXZA offers a high resolution that is four times full HD giving detailed picture. With the quality you get to enjoy Blu-ray movies and other HD content at their best.

The ultra high definition is enhanced with UHD engine processor that optimizes the picture quality. It has UHD dimming that solely optimizes contrast, image detail and color for greater experience.

HDR helps you to view high dynamic range content that is stunning including HDR 10+ content.

The way this TV is optimized the pictures it produces are amazing giving a feeling of reality at its best. It transform watching to a better experience with the quality it provides.

3. High Definition Multimedia Interface Inputs

The Samsung UN40Nu7100 FXZA has high speed HDMI that you can connect to your favorite external devices. With the HDMI you get to enjoy high quality video and audio signals transmitted by a single cable.

The HDMI are compatible to the next generation gaming consoles, ultra high definition Blu-ray players and even HDR content decoding. The Samsung HDMI ensures integration of devices to your home entertainment for your usage and enjoyment.

The ports are placed in a good angle to prevent breakage or any harm that may come hence giving protection to your external devices. A part from the high speed HDMI also you can connect your either devices to the USB port that also will give high quality pictures.

4. Dolby Digital Plus

Samsung NU7100 uses Dolby digital plus technology which is designed to enhance clarity and richness in your sound. Dolby digital plus provides a constant cinema-style audio in all the content you watch.

It gives an advance surround sound that gives a clear sound which is good and rich making you get a remarkable sound on your TV. The TV speakers give a vibrant and high quality sound thanks to this Dolby digital plus technology.

Therefore compared to other TVs without this technology, Samsung UN40Nu7100 FXZA offers a superb sound when watching movies or music on your TV.

Sound matters so much in your entertainment and without good sound you cannot enjoy the content; this is what Samsung NU7100 has solved with its good sound system.

5. Purcolor and Motion rate 120

Purcolor in Samsung NU7100 is a feature that allows expression of color in most shades in order to give a perfect high quality picture. The purcolor in Samsung NU7100 focuses on secondary and primary colors yellow, magenta and cyan.

With this feature you get to experience a combination of millions of shades of different colors giving a quality and vibrant picture.

Motion rate 120 ensures that fast motion pictures are smoothed out in order to reduce blur which is created by fast moving objects.

These two features bring high quality pictures even in fast motion, giving a perfect experience to the person watching on Samsung NU7100FXZA 40 Inch TV.

Why should you use Samsung UN40NU7100FXZA TV

1. Picture Quality

It has very decent and excellent picture quality with a very good native ratio contrast. For gamers it has extremely very low input lag which is very good.

It produces very excellent picture especially to those who are watching it directly. This is a better reason why everyone should go for this TV.

2. Design

The design of the Samsung UN40NU7100FXZA TV is awesome and great. Other design features from higher end models are incorporated into this type of TV.

The design of the stand is designed in away that it fits the sound bar in front and it is wide enough. The great textured finish makes it so attractive. This design has made many people love the TV.

3. Sound Quality

The Samsung UN40NU7100FXZA TV has a great average sound. It doesn’t produce any rumble or thumb because its bass is not deep but the punch in it is enough which produces intelligible and clear dialogs.

It is not noisy enough for large environments and it gets decently louder. Sound bars or dedicated speakers are recommended for better and quality sound.

4. Smart features

The Samsung UN40NU7100FXZA TV has great features that make it ideal for purchase. The interface is quite well and easy to navigate and it works so well. Its remote app is far much simple compared to other remote apps of the other TVs and it is very basic.

The remote is very simple and covers most of the functions giving quick access to the settings menu and picture control.

5. Inputs

Samsung UN40NU7100FXZA TV has low input lag that supports the most common resolutions available only apart from the gamers input.

This input feature makes it very ideal for one to purchase it. Because it supports Chroma, it is ideal to use it a pc hence it can serve both.

Product Benefits

  • The screen reflection is not severe
  • Color and contrast is from both front and center
  • The flow of light is very great from LED edge lights
  • Its black uniformity is very solid
  • Good looking TV and its stand looks impressive
  • It has the web browser included
  • The screen menu is not complicated but very easy
  • It is affordable and the value is great.
  • Very good TV for gaming
  • Portable and not heavy hence its transportation is easy

The Negative Things

  • Very slow starting time for some of the in-built apps like Amazon and Netflix.
  • Has very small selection of preset picture modes
  • Color and contrast saturation degradation on side angle viewing.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this TV has an analog audio output?

No. But there are HDMI outputs and a digital optical audio output

  1. If I have hearing problem, will this TV accommodate headphones?

It cannot accommodate because it doesn’t have the headphone jack.

  1. Is this TV unit VESA compatible?

Yes this TV is quite okay with VESA and therefore it is compatible.

  1. Does this unit have Wi-Fi or I need to use apple TV to get Netflix and other internet content?

Yes this unit has in-built Wi-Fi hence can meet your needs

  1. Does this TV support portrait mode?

No this unit does not support.

Final Verdict

The Samsung UN40NU7100FXZA TV from Samsung is one of the best offered in the market. It has very ample features which are quite awesome such as smart TV, remote control and contrast enhancer.

Its resolution is quite okay and the pricing quite affordable. For anyone who is after quality pictures, good sound and attractive TV in the house, you have to go for the Samsung UN40NU7100FXZA TV.

It will meet and satisfy all your needs and give you the best service. It is readily available in the market hence getting it is not a hustle.


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