Living on Land – is this what we need right now?

This post is a hypothetical exploration of an ‘alternative’ way of living.

It was a vision I had a long time ago, back when I didn’t know anyone living in a van. It faded and became dormant, until recently, during a time when this way of living is probably more relevant than ever.

And in these times, it seems, more and more people are seeking out alternative ways of living. Where the model of living we thought we could always rely on starts to… let’s say… show signs of unreliability?

So let me welcome you into a glimpse of a vision…

What would it be like to live on some land?

We’ll have our vans

Our private spaces, bedrooms and offices

We could make it all nice

The first job?

Install internet!

And generate our own power

Because synths don’t power themselves 

Winter comes but the music still plays

We’ll survive

The fire still burns

Dancers still dance 

Christmas should not be any more complicated than this

Springtime is seedtime

We’ll watch it grow

And come alive

Sofas outside 

Pizza outside

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