Area Sosta Camper: Motorhome Parking in Italy

Park up. Get a beer. That’s about all there is to it!

Well, not quite…

Usually there will be signage, a parking meter or a local business attached where you can find out if it costs anything, and if so how much.

This will usually also let you know if there are any motorhome facilities at the sosta and how much, if anything, they cost.

Usually you will need to pay in parking machine and it can be fiddly trying to figure out how to pay for overnighting – ask a local or fellow traveler and they’ll normally help you out.

In fact, most of the time when we visit a sosta camper, someone spots me scratching my head at the payment machine and after spotting our British plates they potter over and with a large smile they’ll expulge a stream of rapidly spoken Italian, jab at the payment machine a few times, and we’re sorted.

We’ve always found the Italians to be extremely friendly, helpful and seem to delight in helping bemused Brits like us struggling with their archaic and antiquated payment machines.  

As usual with these types of parkups camping behaviour is usually prohibited. That means no chairs, bbqs, awnings etc. 

However, if it’s hot and not too busy you’ll usually find that it’s pretty common to find people lounging about doing this sort of thing. Feel free to join in until it gets busier (just like me napping in the sun below!)

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