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Proof was kind enough to send me their Leakproof Brief, which holds the equivalent of 3 regular tampons, making it more than enough for all-day or all-night wear for me. Bear in mind this is only their moderate absorbency underwear, so if you have a heavy flow, they also make ones that hold up to 5 regular tampons, making Proof panties some of the most absorbent on the market.

Despite how absorbent they are, they are not nearly as bulky as I assumed period panties would be. 

I hardly know I’m wearing them! Definitely better than feeling like you’re sitting in a diaper. In fact, when I got it, I said, “Surely this can’t hold as much liquid as they claim”, but it does! 

Because they’re so light and stretchy, Proof panties were voted “Best for Working Out” by another period product review site, and I have to agree. Being a highly active person myself, they truly are the perfect fit for my lifestyle. Plus, I love that they decrease odor, are certified body-safe, and are machine washable.

I still don’t wear it during my heaviest flow days (though I certainly could). I prefer to save these for the last few days when my flow isn’t heavy enough to need a cup but is still enough to ruin my favorite pair of underwear.

One last major pro for Proof: they give back! By teaming up with a range of organizations, they strive to bring more menstrual equity to the world.

The best period panties for vanlife:

  • Proof: Again, what I use and I can’t recommend them enough.

  • Thinx: One of the first (and still most well-known) brands of period panties with many styles and needs.

  • Knix: Offer all kinds of cuts and styles, including lacy leakproof lingerie underwear.

  • Bambody: Made of bamboo, these are both budget-friendly and eco-friendly.

Reusable menstrual pads are another option, but I like the simplicity of having everything combined into one simple product. Plus, from someone who has tried reusable pads, period panties feel much less bulky. You hardly even know you’re wearing anything besides regular underwear!

What to Do With Dirty Period Panties/Reusable Pads

When I’m done with my Proof panties, I put them in a wet bag (which is just to say a reusable bag lined with a waterproof liner). Even though I’ve tested them and they don’t leak blood into the rest of the hamper, I just prefer to keep these soiled items separate from the rest of my laundry.

Since vanlife laundry day only comes about once a month, we’ve made it so that we try to then have this day shortly after my period has come and gone.

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