Experiencing B-Hotel as a Camper Van • Go-Van

After this amazing trip discovering new landscapes, getting in touch with local people, and sharing exceptional moments, Benoit and Paul wanted to help people live the same experience.

They decided to create their first project: La Brigade du Voyage, an itinerant hotel concept allowing them to discover the most beautiful places in the United States. Grand Canyon, Zion, Yosemite, Sequoia, and Yellowstone. Between deserts and forests of giant trees, plains and canyons, great natural spaces, and big cities, La Brigade du Voyage plunged French travelers into the American dream!

Following a real enthusiasm for their concept, they converted Natasha’s sister: Barbara (up to 6 people just like her sibling). After receiving more than a hundred people aboard their hotel on wheels, they were able to really understand everyone’s needs. Living on the road is a feeling of freedom, a limitless adventure, and a real connection with nature. The outdoor experience allows people to feel the elements and change spots as much as they want!

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