Travel Blog: Diving into the Yorkshire Dales

A boring drive this time along several motorways that connect Manchester, Leeds, Huddersfield and the rest of the Northern powerhouse cities.

Emerging from the urbanised chaos we arrived in the land of green pastures, Wensleydale cheese and funny accents.

Malham, Janets Foss, Gordale Scar and Malham Cove were on todays agenda.

We must say that Malham have done a cracking job of orgnasing parking – they obviously get a huge amount of visitors and know how to deal with them.

So with a boundlessly excited Springer Spaniel we set off to trek between each of these natural attractions.

The walk to Janets Foss was a simple one, a mile or so of smooth path through lucious fields being munched on by contented sheep. The final hundred meters or so become a little rocky and rooty so bear that in mind if you fancy a visit.

Janets Foss itself is a sparkling woodland waterfall and natural pool – filled with people splashing and having fun. Great to see but a little busy for us to want to join in. Onwards!

Emerging from the forestry we followed the trail passed a conveniently placed burger van, up and across some exposed outcrops towards Malham Cove.

To be honest, even at this point, we didn’t know what Malham Cove was. It had come up as a POI in the area and this hike took it in.

So we were completely blown away when we rounded a corner and the clifftop edged into sight. A huge semi circular clifftop with outrageous views down across the valley below. Malham looking frightfully small in the distance.

We clambered around the massive, weathered rocks to get the best views and sat for a while with a cup of coffee to catch our breathe.

The descent back to the valley floor is extremely steep, a tumble of massive steps built out of rocks cascaded down to the valley floor – the dog pulling me every step of the way – every step a precarious venture further towards a nasty fall.

The river Malham Beck meanders from the bottom of the cliff back into Malham village. A well-earned pint later and we were back on the road.

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