Mud Daddy Review: Is This The Ultimate Dog Washer?

Fill the reservoir from the tap with cold or warm water (can be hot but not boiling).

Then after your dog walk pump the pressurizing lever about 20 – 25 times. This is fairly easy and not too strenuous, should be easy enough for most people who are out walking their dogs. 

Engage the trigger and begin scrubbing your pooch. 

You can lock the trigger into the on position to save you holding it down constantly. A nice touch but we have found we use more water this way and quite often end up squirting each other, the car and passers-by.

Once you’ve finished washing your dog just unscrew the cap very slightly to relieve any remaining water pressure. 

Mud Daddy claim that water will stay warm in the tank for about two or three hours, so you’re pooch won’t have to endure a cold shower after their walk. 

We’re yet to use ours in the depths of winter so can’t comment on how long water stays warm for then but during mild spring and summer days the water definitely seems to stay warm for the duration of most walks.

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