25 Minimalist Gifts Vanlifers Will Love — Always the Adventure

For those who don’t know what Harvest Hosts is, it’s a website and app combo that connects vanlifers, RV travelers, and the roadtrippers to businesses with space to spare for overnight parking.  This includes vineyards, breweries, farms, and more.  By signing up for a subscription, you get access to contacting these businesses for FREE places to sleep at night.  

The idea is that you’ll end up supporting their business in some way (i.e. doing a wine tasting or buying some produce).  Still, the van lifer makes off super well because they get to try something new, support local economies, and end up paying way less than for pretty much any RV park or campsite.

Give the gift of experiencing our national parks! This card gives unlimited access to all U.S. National Parks, conservation areas, and many state parks for an entire year.  It’s also a super economical deal considering some of the national parks costs almost half that for a single day entry.  

Note that it’s highly likely that your van lifer already owns one of these so do some stealthy sleuthing before buying one.  Or, if you know their pass is going to expire in the near future, give them a voucher to buy them a new one once it does.

Alternatively, you can buy them one of many local state parks passes depending on where they live.

For all you worried moms out there who want to make sure your little vanlifer is safe and prepared for any incident, get them an emergency self starter, which allows them to jump their own car even if no one is around. These are great for those who love to stay in remote areas or up dirt roads where roadside assistance programs like AAA won’t go. We consider one of these an essential road safety tool but most vanlifers surprisingly don’t have one.

This is the absolute perfect gift for any nomad yogi.  As one of the few truly non toxic yoga mats on the market, this 100% organic cotton is handwoven by fairly paid and treated workers in India, right near the birthplace of yoga itself. Plus 5% of all profits go toward the education of their worker’s children in India. It’s like giving two gifts in one!

Even if the person you’re giving this gift to isn’t a yoga fanatic, this is a great, durable outdoor ground blanket for meditating, working out, or even just sunbathing and reading a book!  If it gives any indication as to how durable these mats are, Yogasana provides a 15 year warranty for them. 

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