A Laundry List of Clothes Cleaning Hacks — Always the Adventure

People get very concerned about the logistics of van life hygiene.  “Where do you shower?  What about going to the bathroom?? Do you even wash your clothes?!”

Indeed we do (just not often). 

Since moving into the van, we do laundry, at most, once a month.  The longest we’ve gone is 7 weeks.  Call us dirtbags, but it’s pretty great. Possibly even better than sweatpants freshly pulled from the dryer.

Sure, washing your entire wardrobe in one go is a pretty big chore, but we still find it saves us so much time (not to mention money).  

It also saves our clothes.  Did you know that the biggest contributor to clothing wear and tear is washing and (especially) drying.  Check the lint trap each time you run your dryer is you don’t believe us.  All that lint is coming from your clothes!  So by reducing the amount of times you wash your clothes, the more life you’re getting out of them.  In turn, that helps reduce textile waste, which is a huge contributor to global pollution. 

But how do you actually pull off doing laundry so infrequently?  Considering most people (pre-vanlife us included) do multiple loads of laundry at least once a week, it’s a pretty big switch to make.  Here are some things that helped us:

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