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  • Ampeak 100w DC outlet inverter: Super basic, super cheap, but will charge any computer right off your car. It’s not the best quality and can overheat based on reviews, but it’s the most inexpensive starter power options you’ll find.

  • Ampeak 400W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Car Inverter: A big step up and only mildly more expensive. Features 2 USB plugs, 2 AC outlets, and can either plug into the DC port of your vehicle OR connect to the terminals of a battery.

While the car plug inverters can work independently of any other system components, they also mean you have to be running your vehicle to charge anything, which isn’t always ideal.  Gas costs money, too!

Most inverters aren’t much good without a power bank to invert from, or a way to charge up that bank.  For that, you’ll need some form of battery and a way to charge it.  

Ways to store power in your camper van

We’re not getting into the specifics of full camper van electric systems in this post (stay tuned for that), but essentially, you need an external battery of some sort (like a car battery, or a golf cart battery as we have in our van). 

If you’re not ready to get into the complicated world of camper van battery types and specifics, you can invest in a simple, portable power bank, like Goal Zero van life products. The Goal Zero Sherpa 100 AC power bank may not have quite the storage capacity as a full battery system, but it’s more than enough to give you a couple charges to your device.

Find the Goal Zero Sherpa 100 power Bank here: Goal Zero / REI / Backcountry / Amazon

A step up from this, the Axiom portable power station or Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240 performs similarly. 

The Goal Zero Yeti-Series power banks are the best and most powerful options. They’re super simple all-in-one power bank and inverter combo.  They can store power (from either solar or AC sources) and invert power for either AC or DC circuits.  

These might look a little expensive, but compared to the prices of other individual components you’d be replacing, they’re not that unreasonable.  And at barely a cubic foot in size, their simplicity and space efficiency is well worth the cost.

Find Goal Zero Yeti all-in-one off-grid power station here: Goal Zero / REI / Backcountry / Amazon / EMS

How to charge your power bank

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