17 Tools to Reduce Your Van’s Eco Tire Print — Always the Adventure

14. Dish washing block:

Swap out the plastic bottles of unsustainable suds and swap to a zero waste washing solution. There are actually lots of options for zero waste dish soap, from soap nuts to powders (some great recommendations here), but we find the No Tox Life dish block is the easiest to manage for van life.  Plus, one block lasts us FOREVER. 

15. Wooden pot scraper and dish brush:

Makes sure all that plastic you save in bottles doesn’t go into plastic sponges, Brillo pads, and dish brushes.  Instead, opt for biodegradable materials than can be composted once you just can’t get those food particles fully out any more (because dish brushes get GROSS, especially when you don’t have hot running water to keep them clean).

16. Hand broom:

A simple hand broom can actually replace a lot of other paper cleaning products.  Those crumbs on the counter?  Sweep them off rather than waste a paper towel.  I can accomplish most of my van cleaning tasks with a simple hand broom. 

17. DIY cleaning:

For all your other cleaning, ditch the plastic bottles and remade products altogether by going DIY and making your own simple, non-toxic cleaners.  It’s amazing how effective a simple mixture of vinegar, water, and lemon essential oil is.  Or if you need some extra abrasive scrubbing powder, throw some baking soda in the mix. 

For plenty more DIY cleaning recipes and tips, read here.

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