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24V – 6000W – 120V/240V Split Phase Camper Solar Wiring Diagram –

This DIY camper solar wiring diagram and parts list is a high powered system capable of delivering up to 6000w of power through 120V or 240V split phase (3000w through each L1 & L2. This diagram is also capable of charging via solar at a rate of up to 2900w per charge controller added.

This diagram features:

  • Dual 3000W Inverter Charger
  • 800+ Amp Hours (@12V) of Battery Storage Capacity in a 24V Battery Bank
  • Virtually unlimited Solar Array Capacity
  • Alternator Charging (100A)
  • Shore Power Charging/Passthrough

**Disclaimer & Managing expectations** Setting up dual inverters is NOT a ‘beginner friendly’ task. It DOES require some programming via computer to sync the dual inverters so they will deliver 240V split phase properly (2x 120V legs, 180 degrees out of phase). If you don’t understand the concept of the phrase you just read (and are unwilling to learn this concept)… this setup may be a bit too advanced. That said… here are some good resources that talk about some of the nuances of dual inverter setups:


Not quite what you are looking for? Check out other system setups here:

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Post Published December 10, 2020



This orientation video will show you how to best use this page to build your DIY Camper Solar Setup. It’s a quick watch but I think it’s pretty important.

DIY Camper Van Wiring Diagram

DIY Camper Solar Parts – Shopping List

The list below is a consolidated parts list for this entire system (Minus the solar charging leg, as that varies greatly from system to system. If you need help designing an appropriate solar array for this system, consider joining the private group: ).

For the ‘Quantities’ in the below shopping list, each singular component is listed a quanty per each, wire is listed a quantity of feet, and heat shrink is listed as qty 1 = 2.25″.

For Example:

Qty 1 – Inverter Charger means you need to purchase 1 Inverter Charger

Qty 3 – 4/0 Wire means you need 3 feet of 4/0 wire. This may mean you need to buy 5ft from the product page

Qty 5 heat shrink means you need 5 pieces of 2.25″ heat shrink. This means you’ll need 5 x 2.25″ pieces of heat shrink for a total of 11.25″ of heat shrink.

Camper Solar Parts Detail

The section below will tell you where each of the parts from above fits into the wiring diagram. This is quite lengthy, but if you are having trouble seeing the diagram or just want more clarification that the diagram above doesn’t deliver, hopefully this will help:

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