A Vanlife Minimalist Wardrobe for Women — Always the Adventure

Living in a van, I have a pretty minimal closet. In fact, all my clothing takes up less space than about two of our crashpads.  And even then, I hardly touch any of it between monthly laundry cycles, meaning I could easily get by on less.

So if you’re looking at moving into a van and wondering, “How much clothes do I need for vanlife?”, the answer is not many. Having a women’s minimalist wardrobe makes vanlife so much easier. Less laundry, less space, and less time spent debating what to wear in the morning (hallelujah!).

Think of your closet for vanlife as a capsule wardrobe.

However, having minimal clothing options means I have to be very picky about what makes the cut. A few criteria for vanlife clothing

  1. It has to be versatile above all else, able to be worn in either casual or outdoor situations.

  2. It has to be low maintenance and not show dirt very easy. Light colors are a no-no. For those who spend less time rolling the rocks and dirt than I do, this could be negotiable. It also has to be easy to wash in whatever weird scenario I find myself doing van laundry. Delicates and dry clean only items are off-limits.

  3. It has to be easy to mix and match with the rest of my wardrobe. Staple blacks and classic earthy color schemes are key!

  4. It has to be something I absolutely love to wear. In other words, it has to spark joy. This last criterion has been approved by Marie Condo.

All that said, these are some of my absolutely favorite items of clothing in my van.  These are the most versatile and useful of my closet (read as: binds under the bed).

Sorry gentleman, we’re talking my closet here, which means this list is mostly focused on the best clothing for female vanlifers. For those that are available for both men and women, I’ve included links to both. Heck, I own the men’s version of some of these because I like things with a baggier, boxy fit! 

For the best vanlife clothing for men, check out Chris’ picks over here

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