5 Tips for an Easy Van Life

When we set off in our first foray of van life back in 2013 we had no idea what to expect. Some things you can only learn through experience, which is what life is all about right?! But sometimes there are little nuggets of knowledge you can pass on to others, especially life lessons that you would have been keen to know about well in advance.

Here’s 5 blog posts that will give you an insight into simple showering, easy toilets, and even how to travel with your cat!

How we keep CLEAN without a bathroom in our van!

I think one of the hottest questions on everyones lips when they watch a video about van life, or find out you live in a van, is to ask ‘but how do you shower?’.

This question seems like it has an obvious answer: we shower in a shower like many normal people. 

But that’s not the answer people are looking for, they want to know how and where (more importantly) do you shower?

Click the link to read the article about how easy it actually is to shower without a bathroom, and the amazing cheap piece of kit we use!

It’s a lot easier than you think!

It’s a lot easier than you think!

What type of TOILET should you use in a van?

We didn’t realise at first that there were different types of toilet to use in your van, after all you can’t have a ‘normal’ house flushing toilet connected to the sewage network, so what can you do?

Read this article to find out…

van life toilet

How to travel with a CAT

She hasn’t had a standard cat life; from living on a boat her first two years, and travelling around the UK in the van with us. When there are periods of time that we cannot take her with us due to flying abroad for short periods, she’s stayed with family members. Basically she is a cat well versed in change.

Read more here!

van life cat

Think you don’t need gifts in a van? Check these out!

This is more for people who are buying gifts for people living in vans, as it can be quite tricky! This list is a number of items I use regularly in our van and find useful.

van life gifts

How the heck do you get post living in a van?!

Ah, the most common question. Or actually, one of the most common questions, other ones include:

  • how do you shower?

  • how do you sh*t

  • laundry?!?!

But yes, an interesting and reasonable question nonetheless, after all most vans aren’t static and don’t have a personal mailbox. It would be amazing if the postman could deliver straight to your van wherever you were in the world! Read more…

van life post

BONUS: Free Van Life ebook!

Written on the road in 2014 we decided to create a free ebook for others looking to do the same, as something like this would have been super useful for us!

Click here to download the ebook and share with your friends if you find it useful 🙂

Who doesn’t love a FREE ebook?!

Who doesn’t love a FREE ebook?!

And there we have it, 5 tips for an easy van life and a bonus free ebook at the end! If you enjoy our content please consider checking out ways to support our content.

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