A Vanlife Minimalist Wardrobe for Men — Always the Adventure

Vanlife means Chris and I have limited closet space, to sat the least. Especially when you account for the fact that our six crashpads take up more storage space than the rest of our possessions combined. We often think how much easier vanlife would be if we weren’t boulderers….

For me (Amber), paring down my closet was hard, a process that took several months of steady, gradual letting go. Read about some of my favorite vanlife clothing options for women over here. For Chris, who was always less attached to his clothes, making the final van closet cuts was easier. Still, we both generally followed a set of rules:

  1. It has to be versatile above all else, able to be worn in either casual or outdoor situations.

  2. It has to be low maintenance and not show dirt easily. Light colors are a no-no. For those who spend less time rolling the rocks and dirt than I do, this could be negotiable. It also has to be easy to wash in whatever weird scenario I find myself doing van laundry. Delicates and dry clean only items are off-limits.

  3. It has to be easy to mix and match.

  4. It has to be something we love to wear, both in terms of comfort and appearance.

This list contains some of Chris’s favorite items, the items that he considered the best vanlife clothes for men. Now, as rock climbers, we’re both highly active, and our clothing choices are designed to match. This list may not work for everyone, particularly if you’re a non-climber, but it should give you some idea of the types of items you want in your closet for vanlife

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