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Driving through the colorful woods of East Sweden

After building our little wooden shack in the woods, we stopped in Örnsköldsvik for grocery shopping and grabbing a bite. We hadn’t visited any cities in several weeks, so we parked our vans near the harbor to stroll around the city center.

We drove back into the countryside headed south as we didn’t feel like spending much time in the populated area. At a small lake called Mäjasjön, we found a spring to fill up our water tanks. The area was very calm and the autumnal weather seemed perfect for spending a cozy afternoon in my heated van watching documentaries about building log houses.

Van parked near Mäjasjön

After a relaxed stay at Mäjasjön we drove to the bay near Häggnor where we enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Sunset at the bay near Häggnor

I was on-call and wasn’t able to drive long distances, so we decided to stay for a couple of days in the beautiful bay.

Fog and drizzly weather

There were only a few clouds in the sky when we arrived at a small lake west of Brunne called Fällbodtjärner.

Blue sky at Fällbodtjärner

The weather completely changed over night. The lake was covered in fog when we went on a short hike during my lunch break.

Fällbodtjärner covered in fog

The colorful leaves on the ground nicely stood out of the dense fog.

colorful leaves on the ground

The drizzly weather created a mystical atmosphere when driving through the woods in the evening.

Driving through the drizzly weather

Seeing the sun again

After spending a couple of days in the fog, I felt revived when observing the sunrise at Orrsjön, a small lake near Torrsjö. The rising sun nicely shined on the colorful leaves and created a stunning autumn atmosphere.

Autumn atmosphere at Torrsjö

While I was working in my mobile office, Moritz relaxed at the lake fishing and reading a book.

Fishing at Torrsjö

The weather was still nice when we arrived at Åsbölesjön, a small lake west of Morängsviken.


The area was mostly overgrown and inaccessible for our vans. Luckily, we managed to find a tiny spot next to the dirt road leading to the lake where we could park our vans.

Vans parked near Åsbölesjön

Yet another great place to enjoy the sunset.

Sunset at Åsbölesjön

Experiencing changeable weather

The scenery at Åsbölesjön completely changed over night. There was a strong wind and it rained a lot when we woke up.

Rainy weather at Åsbölesjön

We spent most of the day in our vans waiting for the rain to stop. However, the weather didn’t seem to change at all. The forecast also looked quite bad, so we drove about 200km down south to lake Untrafjarden where we expected the weather to be better.

The rain was gone after spending one night at Untrafjarden. However, the whole lake was still covered in fog that didn’t seem to disappear.

Fog at Untrafjarden

The fog was supposed to clear at the coast a little south of lake Untrafjarden, so we drove east headed to the Baltic Sea where we eventually spotted the sun lightning up the colorful forest.

I was finally able to charge my batteries again while we enjoyed a sunbath in our camping chairs. :sunny:

Charging the battery with solar energy

After cruising around the area we ended up staying at lake Vällen west of Kolarmora.

Vans parked near lake Vällen

The weather for the upcoming day was supposed the be sunny. Unfortunately, the forecast turned out to be wrong and we spent another day covered in fog.

Lake Vällen covered in fog

On our run from the fog headed south, we reached Stockholm. As usual, we didn’t feel like staying in urban areas and only passed Sweden’s capital city. After spending several weeks on lonely roads, all the blinking billboards and the traffic seemed quite chaotic. :wink:

Traffic in Stockholm

Things seemed much more relaxed at Sörsjön, a small lake south of Stockholm where we found a natural spring to fill up our water tanks.

Traffic in Stockholm

Enjoying the last day together with Moritz

The clouds and the fog finally cleared when we approached Vättern.

Sunset above the highway

The sun was already set when I arrived at Sweden’s second largest lake. It wasn’t dark, though. The bright moon was shining an lightened the calm water.

Moon above Vättern

When the sun rose, I was able to sense the size of the gigantic lake.

View on Vättern in the morning

Moritz had some commitments at home and was about to drive to Trelleborg to take a ferry back to Germany. We enjoyed really nice weather on our last day together in Sweden.

Great weather at Vättern

The sunny weather encouraged us to go for a very refreshing swim in the cold lake.

Taking a swim in Vättern

It was a strange feeling when Moritz left in the afternoon. We were travel buddies for almost two months. I thought about all the great things we experienced together in the lonely woods of Sweden while watching the sunset above Vättern.

Sunset at Vättern

Spending the last days in Sweden

After leaving lake Vättern, I enjoyed another sunny workday at a lake near the Toftaholm nature reserve.

Sunset at Vättern

The area became more populated, the further I drove toward the southern coast of Sweden. Before visiting acquaintances in Malmö, I slept in front of a windmill close to Lund.

Sunset at Vättern

After enjoying a great dinner in Malmö, I spent my last night in Sweden in a parking lot in Trelleborg where I had started my trip through Sweden in August.

While approaching Germany with the ferry, I thought about all the unforgettable moments I experienced on my trip through Sweden.

Sunset at Vättern

Crossing the whole country on lonely roads was a wonderful experience and I really wanted to come back to Scandinavia again. At the same time, I was also looking forward to get back in touch with my family and friends after spending almost two months in the endless woods of Sweden. Great times!

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