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Back onto the Tissington Trail, we were passed by the occasional cyclist and fellow walkers. Small reminders of the trails past existence are dotted throughout, as we passed the closed ticket office and old brick bridges. We were intrigued by the trails past, it’s not every day that you get to walk along a reclaimed railway line. It’s an ideal location for a comfortable stroll, as the trail is flat and even, allowing people to go at their own pace. It would be great for a walk or cycle ride with the family, and without any stiles, it’s also suitable for wheelchair users. Tissington Trail covers 13 miles through the countryside, and feels a little like a canal towpath albeit without the actual canal to follow along! 

Getting outdoors always fills us with peace, switching off with just the sound of your footsteps and the wind in your hair. Working online means that we’re used to having our phones on us at all times, documenting everything we see, but we took the time on this walk to see it through our own eyes rather than that of our phone screen. It definitely doesn’t hurt that the views from the trail were of the rolling hills of the Peak District, and as we returned to the van we felt totally relaxed and ready to continue our road trip through the National Park.

Our day drew to a close and we parked up for the evening, relaxed and at peace after taking our microgap and switching off in the Peak District.

Stepping out into a new area was just what we needed, the chance to explore another part of England. It’s easy to think you need to travel far and wide to go on an adventure, but the truth is there’s a whole host of experiences right outside your doorstep. If you’ve been thinking about a trip but not sure where to go maybe look a little closer to home, you may be surprised by what’s on offer.

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