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Roaming through East Germany – Ruby on Wheels

While autumn was already in full swing in Sweden, it was just about to start when I came back to Germany. In contrast to the colorful broadleaf forests in East Sweden, I mostly passed green trees on my way to the Bay of Greifswald.

I was headed toward a small fisher village in the area of Greifswald to visit family.

Trees with green leaves at the Bay of Greifswald

After a couple of relaxed days in Gristow, I drove to the area around Wandlitz, a small town north of Berlin where I spent one night at the small Wukensee.

Trees with green leaves at the Bay of Greifswald

Liepnitzsee, one of my most favorite swimming lake in northern Germany, was very close, so I spent a few more days in the hinterlands of Berlin before entering the capital city.

Sunset at parking lot near Liepnitzsee

Compared to August when I swam around the island of Liepnitzsee, the water temperature was much colder. Nevertheless, I enjoyed a couple of short and refreshing swimming sessions.


During my breaks from work I took walks in the forest around the lake.

Mushroom in the forest around Liepnitzsee

The mornings at Liepnitzsee were quite foggy. Each time I woke up, my van was totally befogged.

Befogged van

It felt like walking through a fairytale forest.

Foggy forest at Liepnitzsee

Staying in Berlin

The mornings in Berlin at Tempelhofer Feld weren’t foggy at all, so I was able to observe the sun rising over the former airfield.

Foggy forest at Liepnitzsee

I parked my van in a quiet street close to the park surrounded by trees.

Van parked near Tempelhofer Feld

Roaming through Saxony

On my way south, I stopped at Leipzig where I found nice on-street parking spaces in a quiet neighborhood formed of community gardens.

Van parked in Leipzig

There was a little lake nearby where I went for short walks during my breaks from work.

Stadtgarten Lindenau

All the lakes around Leipzig didn’t seem very busy during that time of the year. My van was the only vehicle parked at Cospudener See.

Van parked near Cospudener See

The large parking area at Kulkwitzer See was empty most of the time, too.

I also didn’t meet a lot of people when walking along the lakefront in the morning.

Sun rise at Kulkwitzer See

After spending joyful days in and around Leipzig, I drove to Dresden where I enjoyed the sunset above the Elbe river.

Sunset above the Elbe river

The weather was really nice when I woke up in the morning.

Van parked in Dresden

I didn’t feel like staying in the city and preferred enjoying the beautiful nature of the Tharandt Forest south of Dresden.

Autumn atmosphere at Tharandt Forest

Together with friends from Dreseden, we went hiking through the colorful woods and found a nice place to stay under the viaduct of Hetzdorf.

Hetzdorfer Viadukt

Before leaving Saxony, I visited one of my van buddies living close to the Saxon Switzerland National Park. My friend also owns an old Mercedes van. A beautiful 608D with a long and wide body offering lots of space.

My friend's MB 608

There was plenty of room on his peaceful property to park my van.

Van parked at my friend's property

We spent several hours on his terrace talking about vans, trucks, blockhouses, my trip to Sweden and other adventures.

Hanging out at terrace with my friend's dog

Driving back to Bavaria

After enjoying the autumn in Saxony for a couple of weeks, the COVID-19 numbers seemed to rise again and partial lockdowns were announced. Things seemed uncertain, so I drove straight to the farm of my friends without taking any detours.

Highway A93 to Bavaria

It felt great to be back again!

Van parked at the farm

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