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What You Need to Know about Tampon Alternatives like Organicup

As a modern woman, I don’t want to just stick any old thing up my vagina. While I grew up seeing tampons as the normal and “clean” option, my eyes have been opened over the past few years to the world of tampon alternatives. 

Reading about the health hazards and incredible level of waste that come from tampons, I became determined to find a better way. That’s when I was introduced to the world of sustainable feminine hygiene products. 

Like most things in the world of beauty and hygiene, not all reusable menstrual cups are created equally. After some research and testing, OrganiCup seemed like the best bet. I’ve been using their product exclusively for the past few months and feel it’s truly worth promoting.  

My message of the day: There are too many smart, eco-conscious women out there still riding the tampon wave.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with the brilliant ladies behind OrganiCup to spread the word on this worthy company and let people know why tampon alternatives are so important. 

Full Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I only agree to work with and promote companies with missions and products that align with my values. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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Sustainable Feminine Hygiene Products & Tampon Alternatives

In the US alone, we ladies go through 5.8 billion tampons in a single year. We are not just talking about the issue with the pesticide-intensive, monoculture growth of cotton but the mess of single-use plastic. Wrapped in plastic, inserted with a plastic applicator, and removed by a plastic-enforced string, tampons are far from eco-friendly. Tampons and their packaging are rarely recyclable and, when flushed, can end up in the ocean.

Reducing Waste with Tampon Alternatives 

A single tampon may seem small until you consider the average woman goes through around 11,000 feminine products in her lifetime. Between tampons, pads, and applicators, we are looking at just somewhere around 330 pounds of garbage. Living in a van and generally being someone who wants to reduce my carbon footprint, that simply doesn’t work for me. OrganiCup has a nifty calculator so you can see how much waste has been saved with their products.

Zero Waste Feminine Care

One of the biggest draws of finding tampon alternatives like OrganiCup was investing in zero waste feminine care. The average lifespan of their reusable menstrual cup is ten years. By using this one single product, I am not using the 2600+ feminine products the average woman goes through in a decade. 

I’m not wasting space to store products. Not running to the store on extra trips saves both fuel and cash. There’s nothing to order from Amazon. I’m simply needing less and making my life easier. Minimalism is so central to my life and I’ve decided reusable menstrual cups are a total match for my ethos.

OrganiCup saves waste compared to tampons.

Are Tampons Safe? 

Another key motivation in finding an alternative to tampons was the crazy news I’d been reading about tampon safety. Conventionally-grown cotton has staggeringly high levels of pesticides. In fact, it’s one of the most frequently sprayed crops. On top of that, nearly all cotton is genetically modified. Once the cotton is grown, it is bleached. This leaves dioxins, which the World Health Organization calls a highly toxic, known human carcinogen. 

It’s not a fringe issue only talked about by people looking for all-natural everything. Major publications like Time have been talking for years about linking tampons with brain disorders, reproductive issues, obesity, and cancer. The more you research, the farther down the rabbit hole you’ll find yourself. And it’s a scary journey. 

I’ve never met a woman who finds tampons to be the perfect solution. So, why are we bothering with a product that is not just annoying, but dangerous? Trust me, ladies, tampon alternatives are the way forward. 

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How to Use a Reusable Menstrual Cup

Even though I knew the reusable menstrual cup was the best option for my health and the environment, I’m not gonna lie– I was hesitant at first. As a smaller person, I find tampons to be painful at times. At first blush, putting in a menstrual cup looks even worse. 

While a menstrual cup is bigger than a tampon, the OrganiCup silicone is totally flexible and soft. Once I had it in, I didn’t feel it all. I went with the A size (for women who haven’t given birth) and it’s worked out great.

Of course, there is a learning curve. It was a little awkward to use the first few times and I used a panty liner at first for potential leak coverage. OrganiCup has a video I found handy because it gives you an internal visual to show how it works when you get it in the right spot.

Sidenote: Props to OrganiCup for actually showing menstruation as red! Any young girl learning about periods from TV would think that we all bleed a pretty shade of pastel blue. 

Cleaning a Reusable Menstrual Cup

I’ve got to admit I was dreading this part a bit. As someone who doesn’t bleed those lovely pastel blue drops, I thought it’d be a horror show. But it was actually no big deal. You dump it out and rinse it off.

The average woman only bleeds about 6 to 8 teaspoons during her entire period. That means that menstrual cups aren’t actually going to have all that much liquid. I know concerns about cleanliness around tampon alternatives are one major barrier but it’s easy as can be. 

I’ve heard of women cleaning them in the shower (which some say makes the insertion more comfortable for them) or rinsing them in the sink. For me, when I’m on the road, the OrganiCup biodegradable wipes are perfect. They are low waste and don’t require any water. 

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Why OrganiCup

One thing I love about having this platform is that it gives me a voice. I can share with y’all the things I sincerely care about. Of course, a big part of that is minimalism and living an environmentally-conscious lifestyle. 

I’ve talked to you guys before about my non-toxic, eco-friendly vanlife beauty routine and the ethical companies that I believe are worth supporting. After reading up and trying them out, I’ve decided that OrganiCup is one of them. 

Registered with The Vegan Society and AllergyCertified, OrganiCup works with NGOs to breakdown the taboo around menstruation. They offer environmentally friendly packaging and healthy, green option for a product that we all need. 

The company was started by one fabulous Scandinavian woman looking for a fix to a universal problem. Though they’re taking the world by storm these days, OrganiCup is a team of just over a dozen people still working out of a little office in Denmark to give us all essential tampon alternatives. No international conglomerate greenwashing themselves with a different name. Just a small business offering a necessary change. 

Give this new period a try with 20% off using the code “vacay20.

So, ladies, what female hygiene products have you tried?

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