Win the Wilderness: Alaska | Episode Two Review — The Indie Projects

The truth is the production team had other ideas for us. Firstly we were doing a spot of fishing. Theo had never done fishing in his life before coming out to Alaska and quickly fell in love with it. After fishing, we went to visit a lovely couple called Johnny and Julie who had built their own homestead out here in Alaska. It was great to spend the afternoon with them, Theo helped Johnny build a Moose fence whilst me and Julie fed the chickens, created raised beds and various other tasks.

After spending the better part of an entire afternoon/evening with them it appears the footage was cut from the show, so I’m happy we managed to get a picture of us all outside their cabin before we left. Julie was in one of the interviews on the show but her feature with us didn’t make it. It was fantastic to speak to a couple who’d moved out to Alaska and carved a life for themselves out here!

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