German Stellplatz: Motorhoming in Germany

Motorhoming in Germany is a real treat. Stunning and varied scenery, great climate year round, fascinating towns, cities and castles and excellent food & drink. 

Couple that with some excellent campsites and you might think you have everything you need. But how can Germany compete with French Aires? The answer, the German Stellplatz.

A Stellplatz is very similar to an Aire in France except that they are, pretty obviously, in Germany. So if you’re familiar with French Aires you’ll know what they’re all about in principle, but read on to discover the differences and nuances. If you aren’t familiar with a French Aire then check out our post all about French Aires here as well.

So, how can you find a Stellplatz? How do you use one? Why would you use a Stellplatz over a campsite and what about wild camping in Germany? All these questions and more will be answered in due course.

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