Top Portable Fire Pit for Camping

The BioLite Fire Pit+ is what we now exclusively use. A compact and sophisticated portable fire pit that is sure to last many years. 

I think we’ve had ours for about 2 years now, it’s had countless uses and been transported up and down the UK and across continental Europe countless times and shows very little signs of wear and tear. 

The fire pit itself is constructed of 4 legs that fold into the body for transportation and storage. It comes with a unique air injector system to get your fire red hot and smoke free in no time (and it really, genuinely does work – we were skeptics to begin with as well).

The power unit used for the air injectors doubles up as a handy phone charger when not in use. 

Complete with a cooking grill for authentic campfire cooking, the newest version even has a lid option to intensify your bbqing heat. 

You can store logs inside the fire basket itself to save on storage space if you’re carrying coal or logs with you.

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