Recipe for a Camper Van Kitchen — Always the Adventure

Ah, the spice board: an Instagram-worthy camper van essential. The spice board is usually the first thing folks comment on when touring our van.

But they’re not just cute; they’re super practical.  Even before vanlife, we hated digging through a spice cabinet to find that perfect combo. The spice rack makes spices super accessible when cooking and keeps your cabinets much more clean and organized.  Trust us, you won’t want all kinds of little jars bouncing around freely!

You could also make one yourself out of a simple decorative wood slab (we used one like this), some aluminum craft tins, and some strong mini magnets (you’ll want to use a few magnets for each tin to be safe, but be warned, gluing the magnets close enough to each other as they try to repel each other is a lot of work). 

Alternatively, spend a little more money and less time to pseudo-make one using a metal sheet and pre-made magnetic tins.

Whatever option you go with, we just recommend avoiding glass tins in favor of metal ones for pure durability. Ours have never come loose, but if they ever do, spices are easier to clean than a spice/glass combo.

Find it here: Etsy / Amazon

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