The Ultimate Campervan Storage Ideas


Use your footwells!

After god knows how long and god knows how many campervan road trips we suddenly realised that some stuff that had no place to be stored properly (disklok, big coats, etc.) and tended to just get chucked around the van depending on what we were doing could get stowed away in the footwells when we are parked up. 

And stay there until we next moved.

We went from moving coats from on top of the cooker, to in front of the door, to on the table, to the bed, and back, several times per evening to stowing them away until at the very earliest, the following morning. 

Use wall space!

Anything that takes up valuable cupboard and drawer space needs to be carefully examined. If you’re familiar with the vanlife scene on YouTube then you’ll surely be aware of the vanlife magnetic spice rack rite of passage. And it is a brilliant, low cost idea to free up half a drawer. 

But while your at it. Hang up your mugs, get a magnetic knife board. Anything that can get hung on the wall, then hang it up!

Telescopic hanging poles

These are brilliant to create temporary (or permanent) storage, almost anywhere in the van. We use them as towel holders in the bathroom predominantly. 

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